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The smile of Muhammad Hoblos

I was not meant to go London before yesterday (Saturday 29th of Nov) but I did and on my way back to Milton Keynes from London I received a message that Muhammad Hoblos from Australia was in London. So I turned around and headed to the location to meet him.


For those who don’t know Muhammad Hoblos he is a very active Muslim in Australia. He does a lot of good work. Your probably saw him as a presenter of the video “Gifted with cancer”. He has his own show ion youtube in “OnePath Network” Channel called “Living Muslim with Hoblos”


After isha he sat down on a chair facing the audience. As soon as he sat I saw his eye lit with one of the most beautiful smile which reflected on us. The topic of the lecture was about “Repentance”. Scroll down to receive few pointers that I learnt from him:


No matter how bad you are, whether you worship someone other than Allah or you never ever prayed to Allah or a drug dealer or person who watch pornography or whatever sin you done in this world (no matter how many times) He always wants you to repent and always wants to forgive you. He never ever wants you to lose hope


There is no one who loves us more than Allah. No matter how much your parents loves you but you if you done something unforgivable they can disown you forever. Even does friend (who seemingly always got your back) or anyone else if you done something bad to them they can leave you and may never forgive you. However, if you turn to Allah even if the sin reaches as high as a mountain not only will he forgive you but becomes more delighted. You see every son of Adam is a Sinner but the best of sinner is the one who repents to Allah. Does this sound like a God that want’s to punish you/people?


Tomorrow I will post a story of the man who killed 99 people. I know we heard this hadeeth so many times over and over again but we need to fully understand it so that we can live this hadeeth. Moreover, whenever we hear something over and over again we always learn something new as I did yesterday.

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