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Mk Poems

The Importance of Knowledge Poem

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Mashallah! Read this poem written by Adnan Qamar. I hope you benefit from it. It’s true what he said. Gaining knowledge is a struggle but the end is sweet. But remember knowlede without sincerity and action is fruitless. We ask Allah to incease our knowledge and grant us the ability to…

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Aspiring to be a Mother

Being or aspiring to be a mother has been painted a being unworthy and many Young Muslims sadly fell into this trap. They see it as a barrier to attaining success. Many young Mother may wish to have an abortion, or give their child to a fostering home in order to climb the career ladder.…

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My Marvelous Mother by Lina Minani, MK

By Lina Minani, 11 Milton Keynes My mother is the best She always pass her test She is better than the rest She loves all her children especially me She will be my mother where ever she will be She cares for me, She cooks for me And more importantly She gave birth to me…

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