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Eman Channel COMPETITION. Enter NOW FREE – Adil al Nahdi Vlog

Assalam aliekum There is a competition to win prizes such as Holiday for two in Morocco, Panasonic TV, Family Retreat Hotel Room, Acer Laptop and Meem Mobile SIM and many more DEADLINE: 22nd of May 2016 Visit: www.facebook.com/emanchanneluk/ adilalnahdi@mkinvite.com facebook.com/mkinvit4 twitter: @mkinvite Snapchat: adil.alnahdi mkmuslimyouth.uk #NotOneDayWithoutQuran

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PARENTING MATTER – alkauthar course

Parenting Matters The Art of Raising Righteous Children. For more information & registeration visit: https://www.alkauthar.org/course.php?… INSTRUCTOR Sheikh Alaa Elsayed biography: https://www.alkauthar.org/instructor…. Check out Amm Salim video with Sheikh Bilal Ismail: Adil al-Nahdi: 07934926337 salam@mkinvite.com SnapChat: adil.alnahdi Twitter: @mkinvite Facebook: facebook.com/mkinvit4 #NotOneDayWithoutQuran

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The Friday Dars – The King and Ibrahim

Assalam aliekum! What an amazing day it been for me yesterday (Friday 1st of January 2016!). Whilst many people wish to spend their Friday night in disobedience of Allah, I went to London to attend an amazing STORY NIGHT. Last night’s Quranic story: when Ibrahim AS went up against the Super King in a debate.…

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