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Event Review

Light upon light conference

Assalam aliekum Right now I am at Light Upon Light conference with Mufti Menk!! I am currently volunteering in registration area. Over 3000 has already attended. Great atmosphere! Brilliant brotherhood & sisterhood!! May Allah grant this event a success. You can follow me on SnapChat: adil.alnahdi otherwise wait for my Vlog to be posted tomorrow…

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What an amazing EVENT yesterday!!

Assalam aliekum warahmatullahi wabarakatu I just couldn’t believe the amount of YOUTH that attended yesterday’s event when we only had 2 days of marketing!! May Allah bless Masjid al-Rawdha. We had 46 boys and over 50 girls attending yesterday lecture. I am very grateful to Allah first and I also want to thank Sheikh Lotfi…

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Girls Youth Ice Skating

Asalam Alykum Guys, What do you think is a fun way to enjoy the cold holiday season? Of course in an even colder ice skating rink!  Alhamdullilah myself and the girls all had a fantastic time at Planet Ice on Monday 21’st December. An amazing start to our holidays! Its hilarious seeing your friends lose…

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Failed Hypothesis Event

 Me and my friend Aidarus went to London today to attend a one day seminar at Queen Mary Univercity. The topic revolved around Qur’an & Science.   Some of the topics were: Islam’s influence on Modern science, The beauty, Limitation and problems with science, Evolution, Darwinism and many more.   Did you know that the…

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“KEEPIN’ IT HALAL” Hijab Event

Assalam Alykum,    Alhamdullilah, first and foremost i would like to thank all the sisters that were able to attend the event, we had a fantastic footfall and exceptional feedback. InshaAllah we strive to be able to provide our community with many more of these beneficial and informative occasions, if you are interested in volunteering…

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