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My Vlog is being uploaded!!

Assalam aliekum My first Vlog will be ready in ONE HOUR! more videos will be uploaded tomorrow and after tomorrow. Topic ranging from my trip to spain, SWIMMING, My experience with GEAR Virtual Reality, Football and many more. Wait for our mail in the next hour 🙂

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Saboor Ahmed gave me a SHOUT OUT!

I was scrolling down on facebook then suddenly I saw a video by one of my young students. He gave me a SHOUT OUT!!! I was shocked but at the same time grateful that my student loves me. I hope I am a good role model to him and all of my students. I hope to…

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MK muslim Life Hack

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Check out this new video LIFE HACK we created with  one and only Qaid Hamdun. We also have a short comedy we will post tomorrow inshallah. We are looking for Volunteer to help with creating an educational short film, life hack, comedies etc. We are looking for Scriptwriters, Video editors,…

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Suprise! Adil’s Cooking

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I used to hate cooking! especially washing the dish part (I still do)! However few weeks ago I went to a Retreat with Sabeel (sabeel.org.uk) and they made us cook cheesecake! our team came 3rd out of 6 teams. It was great fun and tasty! Few days ago I was hungry,…

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Aspiring to be a Mother

Being or aspiring to be a mother has been painted a being unworthy and many Young Muslims sadly fell into this trap. They see it as a barrier to attaining success. Many young Mother may wish to have an abortion, or give their child to a fostering home in order to climb the career ladder.…

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Amina cooked Chajang Myun!

Assalam Aliekum My Cousin (who is currently doing her A level) Amina Omar has a passion in Art and Cooking. I always admire her creativity and talent. She is very interested in Asian Cuisine adding into it her of own innovation Recently she cooked Chajang Myun. A korean noodle and vegetable soup. May her creativity…

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