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I learnt the other day these three very interesting Islamic facts. I was watching an animation and learnt three facts I had never learnt before. According to a hadith if you recite Surah Ikhlas three times it is equivalent to reading the whole Quran! Also, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “Keeping all of the fast of…

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IS MUSIC HARAAM? ANSWER: YES There can be many question on the concept of music, whether it is haraam or not. The strict answer would be yes. I was listening to a lecture on it and the way he described was justified correctly and with reason very true. However some people beg to differ. There…

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Asalam Walaikum, Studying can be annoying however in this ‘Dunya’ (Earth) we have to have knowledge or experience. Studying gets us into a good place in school, then it allow us to have good jobs in the future, therefore it is vital to be learning. Allah gave us a brain, a brain more sophisticated then other animals…

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Salaam Walaikum, I am sure that everybody stresses; whether that is exams, being lost or whatever. However we can stop that. We can meditate, pray, read Quran and try to stay positive. Allah always helps us, whether we are in lost, in an exam, having troubles with other people or even if we hurt- that…

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Asalam Walaikum, Hope you are having a superb Easter holidays, I am having an amazing one!! 😉 I’m just chilaxing, playing games, playing sports and reading as well as PRAYING!! 😌 I have a WHOLE 👍 TWO WEEKS OFF!!! My sister continues to annoy me! For no reason, 😒 but she is my sister, so I have to respect her!  I was listening in…

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Finally the Easter Holidays !! 😋😀😂 I could not wait for this excellent moment- its fantastic!!! School can get boring when the teachers tell you ridiculous jokes like” What does Easter end with? An r. ha ha ha! 😕these jokes are rubbish!      Anyway, I had learnt an interesting hadith in Madrassa, it was this: ”Have…

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