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Dream BIG ‘O Muslims’

Shaykh Sajid Umar says Dream BIG ‘O Muslims’ For Muslims; dreams were never that which you saw in your sleep, but rather that which keeps you awake and stops you from sleeping. For Muslims, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali So dream big, work…

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Six Tips to Make This Your Best Ramadan Ever!

⏲ Organize Yourself 📝 The key to having a successful Ramadan is to organize, plan and then execute. Examples for your goals could be: 📗Reading Quran with meaning and writing my reflections each day 📔Learning 99 names of Allah SWTand using it in my dua. 🔐Doing one secret deed between me and AllahSWT. ~~~~~~~ ⛰…

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Dr. Deen in Milton Keynes tomorrow!!

*Dr Deen in Milton Keynes tomorrow!!!* – PhD Researcher in Sociology & former University Lecturer. – He is the founder of Dr.Deen Youth Solutions. – Professional storyteller who has helped thousands of children appreciate Islam. Assalam aliekum Please make time to allow you/your kids to attend: *_Kids Event_* _The story of Young Prophet Yusuf_ Age:…

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Light upon light conference

Assalam aliekum Right now I am at Light Upon Light conference with Mufti Menk!! I am currently volunteering in registration area. Over 3000 has already attended. Great atmosphere! Brilliant brotherhood & sisterhood!! May Allah grant this event a success. You can follow me on SnapChat: adil.alnahdi otherwise wait for my Vlog to be posted tomorrow…

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What an amazing EVENT yesterday!!

Assalam aliekum warahmatullahi wabarakatu I just couldn’t believe the amount of YOUTH that attended yesterday’s event when we only had 2 days of marketing!! May Allah bless Masjid al-Rawdha. We had 46 boys and over 50 girls attending yesterday lecture. I am very grateful to Allah first and I also want to thank Sheikh Lotfi…

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Tyrese Gibson praying in a Masjid

Tyrese Gibson was found making prostration in the masjid (see picture). This is what he said: “My first visit ever to a Mosque my heart is been beating so fast and I felt vulnerable just by walking inside – I was given my first course on HOW to properly pray and I truly feel blessed……..…

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