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Archive for May 2016


Asalam Walaikum, Studying can be annoying however in this ‘Dunya’ (Earth) we have to have knowledge or experience. Studying gets us into a good place in school, then it allow us to have good jobs in the future, therefore it is vital to be learning. Allah gave us a brain, a brain more sophisticated then other animals…

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Light upon light conference

Assalam aliekum Right now I am at Light Upon Light conference with Mufti Menk!! I am currently volunteering in registration area. Over 3000 has already attended. Great atmosphere! Brilliant brotherhood & sisterhood!! May Allah grant this event a success. You can follow me on SnapChat: adil.alnahdi otherwise wait for my Vlog to be posted tomorrow…

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Salaam Walaikum, I am sure that everybody stresses; whether that is exams, being lost or whatever. However we can stop that. We can meditate, pray, read Quran and try to stay positive. Allah always helps us, whether we are in lost, in an exam, having troubles with other people or even if we hurt- that…

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What an amazing EVENT yesterday!!

Assalam aliekum warahmatullahi wabarakatu I just couldn’t believe the amount of YOUTH that attended yesterday’s event when we only had 2 days of marketing!! May Allah bless Masjid al-Rawdha. We had 46 boys and over 50 girls attending yesterday lecture. I am very grateful to Allah first and I also want to thank Sheikh Lotfi…

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Tyrese Gibson praying in a Masjid

Tyrese Gibson was found making prostration in the masjid (see picture). This is what he said: “My first visit ever to a Mosque my heart is been beating so fast and I felt vulnerable just by walking inside – I was given my first course on HOW to properly pray and I truly feel blessed……..…

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