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Archive for December 2015

How to raise righteous children in the West

❗Announcement❗ Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Tawāsul is pleased to announce its next course starting on 29 January 2016: ✅An interactive WhatsApp course on how to raise righteous children in the west by looking at parenting from a time-line perspective as well as exploring the scientific stance towards influential parenting. ✅By ustadh Asim Khan ✅To register: WhatsApp ‘Register’…

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We all need to use our time wisely. “Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again.” Our time is in this world is running out and death can come at any time so there is no time for later. Wasting time…

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Girls Youth Ice Skating

Asalam Alykum Guys, What do you think is a fun way to enjoy the cold holiday season? Of course in an even colder ice skating rink!  Alhamdullilah myself and the girls all had a fantastic time at Planet Ice on Monday 21’st December. An amazing start to our holidays! Its hilarious seeing your friends lose…

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Marriage of AbdulKarim & Adra

Congratulation to Abdulkarim Wright & Adra Ahmed for their Nikah (Marraige) yesterday @ Islamic Centre: MK. May Allah bless both of them and keep them united. Interesting Idea: In the women section every attendee was give a Qur’an as a Gift. See image below:  

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Yusha Evans coming to MK. Who is He?

He was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina in a very conservative Christian home. In his early teens he became heavily involved in the church near his home and in Young Life, a non-denominational youth oriented organization with the intention of becoming involved in the ministry of teaching and preaching. He intended to enroll…

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Khafayat Graduated and her Mum donated a cake to islamic Centre: MK

All-Praise is due to Allah! Khafayat Araoye Graduated from Loughborough University in Politics. May Allah reward her for her hard work and continue to shower her with success. Yesterday a Cake was donated  to the Islamic Centre: MK by her Parents.   Malcolm X said: “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people…

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One statement BIG difference

Something really good happened to me today. I was in the Xscape at the internet Cafe printing a poster. (It is cheaper to print paper there than Staples). Whilst I was arranging the posters, one lady in the queue saw a poster “Purification of the Soul” and what captured her is the sentence on the…

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