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Archive for July 2015

Asalam Waliekum by Lina Minani

My name is Lina Minani I am a 11 year old Muslim sister from Milton Keynes. I have 2 older brother (i am the youngest and the sweetest lol). Inshallah I will be going to Milton ¬†Keynes Academy and I will be ¬†starting in year 7. My hobbies are Reading Qur’an and playing with my…

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5th and 6th of Ramadhan MK Da’wah account

3 interesting stories: 1. I spoke to a girl who was listening to every word I say, nodding and agreeing to my every breath I spoke about Allah. 2. I spoke to a Christian (he had a bible on his forearm) and he said it was the first time a Muslim ever came to him…

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3rd and 4th of Ramadhan MK Da’wah account

Nothing much happened in the last 2 days. many people brushed me off and didn’t want to have a conversation with me but i always responded with a smile “ok thank you, have a nice day”. I spoke to one Muslim brother and we had nice conversation. I reminded him some important details about Islam…

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1st of Ramadhan MK Da’wah account

I had really good conversation with some people today about Islam. One of them was an apostate Muslim from turkey. who was a nice person who got drifted into the lifestyle of the non-Muslims. He was sitting with his English friend. I went through some arguments about the existence of God, the purpose of life,…

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2nd of Ramadhan Da’wah Account

I spoke to two alcoholic man today an one of them really wants guidance but it’s his friend (who kept interrupting the conversation) talking about silly things and making silly jokes but I patiently listened because you never know maybe Allah will guide one and not the other. It is not for me to judge…

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