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Merit of Knowledge Part 1

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Studying, in general, is praiseworthy. It doesn’t matter whether it is Islamic knowledge or otherwise. However, The most important knowledge and the knowledge that has the ULTIMATE praise is the knowledge of Islam. Why? Because it pertains knowledge of your loving and caring CREATOR. It is this knowledge that will bring you peace, happiness and tranquility because the one who created you knows everything about you and knows what’s best for you. For example, when you are sick you go to a doctor because he knows the remedy for your sickness or when your phone break you go to a person who fixes phone as he has the knowledge of the phone. Allah had the knowledge of everything. The knowledge of Allah compared to our knowledge is like an Ocean vs A drip of water. Thereforeو we need to go to him if we need the solution to all of our problems. I know some of you might be sceptical and might think ‘how can a book has the solution to all of our problems?’ Well, the Quran isn’t any normal book. It is a book that has been revealed from Allah through the greatest of all Angels (Jibril) to the greatest of all prophets (Muhammad) in the greatest months (Ramadhan) in the greatest of all languages (Arabic).quran amazing

Allah doesn’t care whether you have a Bachelor degree, Masters or Phd or whether you are a taxi driver or a cleaner. It is about your relationship with him and implementing actions that is pleasing to him. Having said that, we need to strive to be the best of both worlds and strive to leave a legacy behind.

No doubt, those who has Islamic knowledge & IMPLEMENT them they are the most beloved to Allah because they are the one who loves Allah the most, fears his punishment the most and has the greatest hope in him. You don’t have to be an imam or a Sheikh to achieve this

So my dear beloved young Muslims of Milton Keynes whilst you are working or in school strive to find time to study Islam. Attend courses, seminars, lectures, retreats happening around UK. Use your free time to read and learn more about Allah.

I was sitting today in Subway (halal 😀) in Netherfield writing this. I realised the topic of knowledge is huge and I don’t want to write a long, boring post😔. So  I will break my topics into parts in the length of 3 weeks. I hope you benefit from it.dairy

Until then, May peace, mercy and blessing be with you

Your brother in Islam,
Adil al-Nahdi

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